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Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in African | 0 comments

6 Amazing Myths and Misconceptions About Africa

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world. There are many myths and misconceptions that remain about travel in Africa.

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world. Among its one billion inhabitants, more than 1,000 languages are spoken, and there is a massive variety of ethnic religions. In most African cultures, history and beliefs have been explained and passed on through oral traditions and storytelling. In this article, we’ve shared some amazing myths about Africa.

Africa is a Country

Africa is not a country, but a continent. In fact it is the second largest, and second most populated, continent besides Asia. Africa has about 1 billion people and 61 different countries within it. So to end this misconception& – Africa is definitely not a country!

Myths about Africa

Myths about Africa

Africa is a Desert

Another sorry misconception people hold about Africa is about its geography. Africa is not just the Sahara desert or the rainforests. It certainly isn’t searing hot everywhere, neither does it perpetually rain all year round. Geographically speaking, the African continent has the unique distinction of stretching from the northern temperate zone to the southern, with the Equator running through it. The geographic diversity of Africa is simply breathtaking. As an example, we’ve got you the Victoria Falls, the Blyde River Canyon, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a view of the Indian Ocean as seen from Cape Town.

Africans Live in Huts

Many people believe that all African people live in mud and dung huts. This is complete nonsense. There are buildings and towns and cities in every country in Africa. If you were to google the capital of any country you would be surprised by what you see. That is also not to say that no people in Africa live in huts, as there are a lot of tribes that still choose to live in their traditional villages in huts, but the bulk of each country have become westernized and civilized. Even in Africa you find those landscape spoiling skyscrapers and concrete covered metropolises.

Africa has No History

Often people struggle to expect more from Africa than just stories about people who have to fight to survive on a daily basis. When it comes down to it though, many countries in Africa have a rich history that make a visit to them more than worthwhile. The ancient Egyptian monuments, for example, or the rock churches of Ethiopia, all exemplify a rich culture and heritage that has withstood the test of time. Wherever you choose to travel, you will no doubt find amazing remnants that offer an unforgettable insight into the history of the area and its people.

The Weather is Always Hot

The Weather is Always Hot

The Weather is Always Hot

Anyone who has ever been to West Africa, would probably be right when stating that the weather is always hot in Africa. However, few people know that in Africa, the weather fluctuates with some regions even enjoying some snow in the cold of winter. With a diverse range of terrains – from mountains to plateaus, cold and warm oceans, rainy and dry seasons – there are definitely individual weather patterns in each of the individual countries found in Africa. It’s advised to do your research when it comes to the weather at your African travel destination and pack accordingly.

There are Hundreds of Insects and Snakes

Indeed, Africa is home to an amazing selection of creatures in all shapes and sizes, but it’s no more so than most other places. In urban areas and major cities, you have more chance of being involved in a car accident than you do of ever encountering a snake. Most of these creatures are actually quite shy and tend to hide away from humans, rather than hunt them down with ill intentions. So while you may need to be a bit more careful when visiting the bushveld or hotter climates, you can probably get by with a bit of sense, some insect repellant and a mosquito net at night.

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