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Explore Information About Mauritius Culture

Explore Information About Mauritius Culture

The culture of Mauritius is a fairly blend of culture of the Chinese, Indian, African , Creole and also the Europeans. Every custom, tradition of Mauritius.

The cultural variety that greets you in Mauritius has me overwhelmed and you are most welcome to come and become a part of the delightful culture and religious festivals which are the lifeblood of this tiny and picturesque island which has deep lagoons and attractive creeks which are fringed with coconut palms along with other dense tropical vegetation.

Mauritius Culture

Mauritius comes underneath the category of cosmopolitan societies where Indian, African, European and Chinese influences combined efforts to make up a beautiful, colorful and vibrant culture that provides a glimpse into the most wonderful traditions and customs of old times. Its literature is proof of the superb Asian, African and western influences, that have combined together to make Mauritius one of the happening put on earth. The rich diverse culture of Mauritius are visible in its fascinating architecture including temples, mosques, churches and Chinese pagodas.

Culture of Mauritius

The multi-ethnic culture of Mauritius is reflected within the myriad of small villages, homes, and temples, churches, pagodas, and mosques. All communities, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and Chinese, celebrate their festivals with great excitement and happiness, showcasing great unity in diversity.

  • Festivals: Mauritius celebrates many festivals, including Cavadee, Chinese Spring Festival, Pere Laval Pilgrimage, Eid-ul- Fitr, All Saints Day, Ganga Asnan, Christmas, Divali, Ganesh Chathurti, Holi, Easter, Sankrati, Maha Shivratree, Mid Autumn Festival, Ougadi, and Mauritius National Holiday. People of the country celebrate all of these festivals together, respecting and revelling within the rich different cultures. Regardless of what time of the year you visit Mauritius, you’re sure to witness a wonderful festive atmosphere.
  • Languages of Mauritius: The state language of the Mauritius country is English however the language better understood through the Mauritian is French after the Creole. Education, communication and administration is well performed within the English language only in the united states but mainly the press is within French, whereas the Hindi can also be one of the oriental language spoken through the Mauritians. Apart from all these, there are many oriented language also utilized in the Mauritius country namely, Urdu, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi, Gujrati and Sanskrit which all range from Indian country.
  • Mauritius Food & Music: The Culture of Mauritius established fact and famous for its handicrafts which almost a convention coming from the colonial period of the east India company and also the local handicraft the country is really a blend of French and Afro-Asian counties. The tasty and tasty food of the country always acts an enhancer towards the Culture of Mauritius.

Various kinds of exotic foods of continental and oriental influences where Indian-style curries go alongside with the French gateaux and Creole rougailles. There are many varieties of spices also contained in the country which adds a tasty taste towards the Mauritius dishes and provide a delicate along with a aromatic flavour that goes quite a distance in making Mauritius country cuisine a great cooking experience.

Different kinds of sound and rhythm also play a significant part in the Culture of Mauritius. It features a fusion colour of the beautiful Indian dances and also the Chinese spectacular lion and dragon ones.

  • Dance in Mauritius: The dance form is Sega that is performed by girls clothen in colorful blouses & vacillating skirts.The dance begins with an amiable rhythmic vacillation of the hips that becomes faster combined with the music.The dance form is actually attractive & glamorous & you just cannot stop yourself , All of your emotions of happiness will be of Mauritius is one thing that mostly attracts the tourists. The majority of the restaurants, hotels and resorts arrange for Sega nights within the weekends. Sega is also performed around the sea beaches accompanied by a bonfire.
  • Traditional Folklore: Mauritius folklore represents the depth and number of the island’s diverse culture. You are able to dance to the rhythm from the Sega, the national folk dance of the island. Don’t be amazed at how popular the amazing types of Indian dance are using the locals here, along with the Chinese dragon and lion dances, that are a treat to watch. In Fashion, Mauritians display their colourful culture and tradition.

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