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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in African | 1 comment

Kenya Cultural Safaris with Six Days Cultural Tours

Kenya Cultural Safaris with Six Days Cultural Tours

Kenya Cultural Safari includes a culture born of various sources. Africa is an immensely rich and culturally diverse continent. Whilst each region offers its very own individual peculiarity, we find the countries that form the region all offer again a very diverse culture. The East African Experience is definitely an artistically tailored made journey that enables us to immerse in this richness and to understand a region of Africa that’s so little known of particularly Kenya when experiencing the masai and luo along lake Victoria cultures.

Kenya Cultural Safaris

Kenya includes a culture born of various sources. This region continues to be crossed by the paths of the long and complex history. From the prehistoric records of early man to the current day, Kenya has been a land of unending change, contrasts and diversity. The tribes of Kenya are as diverse as it is country and many people still practice a traditional lifestyle, even amidst the modernity of urban Kenya. It’s not uncommon to hear five or six differnet native Kenyan languages while you walk down the streets of Nairobi. With lots of years experience dealing with the Samburu, The Laikipia Masai, The Pokot and The Turkana we have made many friends in these traditional communities. On our trips you will simply meet real people living real lives. Quite often, we travel to these communities in order to understand a skill or craft, like making beadwork, identifying medicinal plants, or tracking animals. In other cases we are simply visitors and based on the situation and the tribe, we might be allowed to take photographs. Mostly, we’ll travel with a lightweight mobile camp that’s easy to pack and move and these safaris can be simply combined with game viewing and a vacation to the coast. Below is one in our itinerary samples, you are able to book for it or e mail us for more details, price or customized itinerary:

An Amazing 6 Days Kenya Cultural tour

Day 1: Nairobi- Kisumu

After an earlier morning breakfast, leave Nairobi for Kisumu via Nakuru and Kericho tea plantations as time passes to walk in the tea estates and especially the renowned Tea Hotel to determine leaves being picked (it’s in the center of estates encompassed by manicured lawns]. After lunch, go to Kisumu, a town on the shores of L. Victoria ( the biggest freshwater lake in Africa : second the world over). Dinner and night in a Kisumu Hotel.

Day 2: Kisumu- Kit Mikayi- Wagusu

After breakfast, depart your hotel and drive 29km towards Kisumu-Bondo road Leave the area in the afternoon, arriving Wagusu, late in the evening for lunch and overnight.

Day 3: Wagusu locality

Try staying up late into the evening or waking up at dawn time for you to chance encountering wizzards in the village(optional) or awaken for breakfast in the morning and visit one of the local witch doctors( pre-arranged at expense). In the afternoon,visit One of the scarce luo elders for the tales of the origin and cultures of the luo tribes. Dinner and overnight in Wagusu village.

Day 4: Wagusu – Abimbo

Visit an adjacent village to determine witness a popular local pilgrimage church for followers of the Legio Maria sect who believe in fasting for many weeks at a time and cleanse the sick having a special crystal clear water from the sacred pond/rock. Their mass services choose long hours and if you would like to participate in their prayer then prepare to depart late afternoon.Dinner and overnight in Abimbo or Wagusu.

Day 5: Abimbo/Wagusu

Spend the whole day participating in different practical activities with the locals and even getting together with them as this gives you more likelihood of getting more information from their store. Try manual cow milking, or employ a boat and go fishing, visit local brewing homes and question them how they acquired their skills through apprenticeship. Dinner and overnight in Wagusu.

Day 6: Wagusu – Nairobi

After breakfast, leave Wagusu for Nairobi arriving in the evening.

Visit the tribes of the land on Kenya Cultural Tours to understand how much different their daily routine is from other people even in today’s times. Witness the folk music and dance to determine how the people entertain and keep themselves pleased with songs and dances. See the traditional art on the caves, rocks and tribal art and compare it with the modern art of the country on Kenya Cultural Tours.

After the Kenya Cultural Tours, you’ll realize that it is Kenya a lot more than any other country in the world which has managed to preserve its traditional while adopting modern influences all the communities that have arrived at Kenya and made it their permanent abode. Have a colorful Kenya Cultural Tour to determine how traditionalism lives in synchronization with modernity.

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  1. Have been on 3 trips with Friendly Planet and would recommend them to anyone. We especially enjoyed Kenya and also have been there 3 times. It is magical and when you have been that is the only holiday for you. Excellent food, top class lodgings , fantastic scenery like no where else on the planet, and a sense of adventure which i have never felt on any one of our travels. It beat China, Thailand and all sorts of other countries that we have visited. You will not regret the trip.

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