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Posted by on Jun 20, 2016 in African, Uncategorized | 0 comments

South African Traditional Wedding Dresses

South African Traditional Wedding Dresses

South African Traditional Wedding Dresses Designs 2015-2016 because South African wedding is full of traditional and customs.

There are many things which you should keep in mind while choosing the South African Traditional Wedding Dresses Designs 2016-2017 because South African wedding is full of traditional and customs which one should follow in every step then how could one forgot it while selecting brides dresses. A south African wedding is start from an engagement where the families of bride and groom sit together to decide what will be the price to marry actually this question is from the Groom father to the Bride father because this is the tradition of the South Africa that groom family have to pay some dowry to the bride family that is not fixed that what is given but this is decided by two families together. This dowry is given in the shape of cattle which is given in a specific time frame and when the complete dowry is send to the Brides Family then the day for the wedding is decided.According to the latest fashion trend the traditional wedding dresses South African Wedding dresses changes a little bit but the main idea behind these dress is same. They choose African print for a wedding dress but the stitching may be vary according to the wish and demands of the bride.

Regal but sensual

Traditional African wedding dresses wouldn’t normally show so much chest, but this African-infused gown has just the right amount of sensuality for a wedding gown. The semi-Rastafarian colors give the dress a nice pop and the tall headpiece is very regal looking.

Blazing Orange

If you’re going to go with color on a wedding dress, you may as well go bold, and this designer did just that. We love the blazing orange hue, reminiscent of the Saharan sunset, and the groom’s orange jacket brings attention to the dress even more.

Egyptian Pharaoh

The woven, structured material on the bust and waist reminds us of a pharaoh’s hat from ancient Egypt. The wrap-around strands of necklace also remind us of traditional Egyptian jewelry.

South African Traditional Wedding Dresses

South African Traditional Wedding Dresses

Paisley Princess

The yellows and golds are so happy on this dress, and there’s great attention to detail, with a gold trim along the outside of the veil. Paisley is a common print in African clothing, and we love the larger patterns of it along the train of the dress.


This dress combines two very different but complimentary looks traditional African and 1960s mod. The bell sleeves are flirty and the cutouts at the end of the sleeves, top and skirt are very eye-catching.

Dramatic Veil

We love this dramatic, elongated veil that the bride can nearly wrap around herself like a cape. The golds throughout the wedding dress, and the headpiece, are so stunning, and the chunky pearl necklace is a unique spin on the classic pearl jewelry.

Royal but playful

We love the giant skirt on this dress, perfect for swishing around the dance floor (and maybe hiding the fact you’ve taken your shoes off after too many dances.) The gold embroidery along the top of the dress gives it a royal look and that gorgeous head scarf means one very important thing less work for the bride.

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